Wednesday, August 12, 2015



The Word and Prayer:

Tonight we will look further into the words of David found in Psalm 23.  How is it possible that we can be satisfied and not “want?”  How does the Good Shepherd protect us from harm? How is David’s life a testimony to these truths?

Tonight we will pray together. There are reasons for us to praise God. There are needs for which we must seek God. Come pray with us!

Looking Ahead: “Dear Refuge of My Weary Soul”

On Sunday we will sing a hymn entitled “Dear Refuge of My Weary Soul.”  Please begin listening to the hymn and meditating on the text to prepare yourself to worship with the church family.

If you can gather with us, please come! If you are not able to gather, please spend some time tonight reading the Scriptures and praying for your Christian brothers and sisters at GBC and around the world.

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