Sunday, July 19, 2015




Sunday Sermon Text: 

On Sunday we will explore the short story found in the book of Ruth. Try to read this entire book (it’s only 4 chapters!) in one sitting. Consider reading it aloud as a family.What themes do you see surface? What can you learn about God in and through the characters in the story?

Fellowship Snack:

The following families are on the signup to provide fellowship snacks on this 3rd Sunday of the month.

  • Garland
  • Lane
  • Mancini
  • Petrilli

Church Update: Tomorrow!

We will have our July church family update in place of our Growing in Grace groups. All who are part of the GBC church family are encouraged to attend.

We hope you can join us as we worship our great God together Sunday morning 9:30am at, 2600 Cypress Ridge Blvd., Wesley Chapel, FL.

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