Pauline Prayer for Others

2014.09.03_Pauline_Prayers midweek bible study & prayer

In our mid-week gathering we have been using D.A. Carson’s, A Call to Spiritual Reformation as our guide to better learn and do prayer.  Wednesday night, September 3, at our mid-week gathering we learned that Paul prayed for other people – a lot.

After briefly looking at the text from Sunday (1 Peter 1:10-12) by inductively studying through it we turned our attention to most of the Pauline prayers recorded in Scripture.  We read them aloud with each other only stopping at a few of the longer passages to inductively work our way through them.  By circling key phrases and requests it helped us visually grasp the components of Paul’s prayers.

Some of you asked for the slide deck including the slides from our indicative verse studies so you could review them again.  The entire slide deck can be downloaded by clicking this link.

I pray God will continue to use his Word by and with his Spirit to grow us in grace.

– Shaun Walker

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