Our Mission

We exist to spread a passion for the glory of God by making disciples who treasure Christ and love all people.

Our Vision

We aspire to be a church who spreads a passion for the glory of God by making disciples who treasure Jesus Christ and love all people. We become his disciples and grow as his disciples through the gospel, which is the good news about Jesus’ death and resurrection on behalf of those who trust and treasure him. Practically, we live as his disciples by obeying biblical instruction and depending on God in prayer, through the power of the Holy Spirit. The result is a spiritual family made up of diverse people who stand unified as a gracious, forgiving community. Therefore, as God’s church we become his agent of gospel-restoration and gospel- multiplication in our neighborhoods, cities, and world.

Our Values


We believe we exist to glorify God, and God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him. Since Jesus Christ is the fullest expression of God, delight in Christ is essential for the Christian disciple. We seek to more fully embrace and treasure all that God is for us in Christ.


The Bible is entirely sufficient to guide God’s church. When it is obeyed in a community empowered by his Holy Spirit it creates, matures, and secures Christian disciples. We center our worship on God by singing songs that are rooted in the Bible, praying prayers that are informed by the Bible, and preaching expository sermons from the Bible


We are unable to treasure Christ or truly love people apart from God’s restorative work in us. Therefore, we depend on God in prayer to satisfy us with all that he is for us in Christ, so that by the power of his Spirit we are transformed into Christ-like people who spread a passion for him by loving others.


The gospel transforms our relationships with other Christian disciples by making us permanent members of God’s family. We express this commitment to one another corporately through local church membership. Since elements of discipleship, such as care and accountability, by nature take place in groups smaller than the assembled church, we ordinarily commit to each other in smaller groups, including groups that we call City Groups. In general, we encourage and expect discipling relationships through organic community and lay-ministry rather than staff- led programs.


The gospel gives value to all people, both Christians and non-Christians. It exerts restorative power by removing hostility from broken cultural, racial, sexual, and socio-economic relationships, and reconciling people from diverse backgrounds to each other and to God through Christ. Christians are God’s agents of gospel-restoration in our societies, particularly as we live out Christ’s character in our relationships and vocations.


Those who treasure Christ through the gospel want others to know the joy of treasuring him, too. We seek to multiply Christian disciples by helping others follow Jesus, primarily through personal relationships, church planting, and church revitalization, both locally and abroad.