October 14, 2015

in charge.001

Who’s in Charge?

We’ve spent 4 Sundays together looking into Job and Esther. We’ve seen God’s sovereign power expressed in Job 38-42. We’ve also seen the silent sovereignty of God in the story of Esther.  In both stories we sort through perplexing circumstances that still cause us to ask the question, “Who’s in charge?” Tonight we will look into the Scriptures to help us answer that question as we wrestle with some painful realities of living a life of faith in a sin broken world. The fruit of our study will help your faith-filled praying as you wrestle through your own set of perplexing circumstances.

If you can gather with us, please come! If you are not able to gather, please spend some time tonight reading the Scriptures and praying for your Christian brothers and sisters at GBC and around the world.