Men’s T2 Reading: “Christian Beliefs” by Wayne Grudem


The men’s ministry at Grace Baptist Church is inspired in part by Paul’s words to Titus recorded in Titus 2.  Paul instructs Titus as to the Christian virtue that should be found in both the old and young men of the church.  The best way to pursue godly behavior is to pursue God.  To help the men of Grace Baptist Church pursue God we will be reading through Wayne Grudem’s concise theology entitled “Christian Beliefs: twenty basics every Christian should know.”

In our fast paced busy lives the most important actions and the choices that have the highest return on investment are often pushed aside by lesser matters.   Many people wish they read more.  Not having enough time is not the reason we don’t read more.  We have all the time we’ll ever get.  The answer is we must choose to use our time differently.  One way to help make different choices is find others making those same kind of choices.  The plan is to read together so we can help each other.  It is my hope reading a book together will provide helpful accountability and increase our benefit as we share and interact with one another’s insights.  “None of us is as smart as all of us.”

How does reading together work?

Reading "Christian Beliefs" by GrudemWe will read a chapter of the book each week.  The chapters organize theological topics by asking a question.  For instance, chapter one about bibliology (study of the Bible) asks the question, “What is the Bible?”  Each week on Thursday (beginning Thursday, September 4) you will visit this site to read an article written by an elder of Grace Baptist Church.  In your private reading, highlight or annotate helpful phrases, ideas, or truths you can publicly mention with others.  The weekly article will provide a way for you to add your comments and insights.

The book will be divided into two parts and we will meet at the end of each part.  After we read through chapters 1-10 we will meet together in person to discuss and highlight what we have been learning.  The first meeting will be scheduled in November after which we will take a break until after the holidays.  Our second meeting will occur after we finish chapter 20 sometime in the first quarter of 2015.

Where do I get the book?

The book is available in multiple formats.  You may buy it in print, kindle, or for Logos Bible software.  Go ahead and buy the book.  You won’t regret having this resource in your own home library.

Now What?

Once you get a copy of the book start reading!  If commenting on a blog frightens you don’t worry.  To participate you aren’t required (only encouraged) to comment.  The aim is to encourage one another to press on to read and thereby grow in our knowledge of and ultimately our love for God.  The only two actions necessary to participate are:  read a chapter each week and pray for one another.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!  In fact, if you plan on reading with us, go ahead and let us know in the comment field.

— Shaun

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