Let’s Sing: Let the Nations Be Glad

Let The Nations Be Glad!

On Sunday we plan to sing a new hymn together entitled “Let the Nations Be Glad.”  The text unites us in worship and prayer to see God’s salvation fill the whole earth. Because salvation belongs to our God, let the nations be glad!

Please begin learning the song. Get ready to sing with your forever family!


Verse 1
Let the glory of the Lord forever be a joy, may redemption be the theme of our song
For by grace we have been saved, and by grace we shall proclaim
To the corners of the earth that Christ has come
Let the nations be glad, let the people rejoice
For salvation belongs to our God
Let the whole earth be filled, with the praises of the Lord
For salvation belongs to our God, let the nations be glad
Verse 2
Through the ages gone before, through the trial and the sword
Many saints and martyrs conquered though they died
Still we’re holding out the cross, crossing ocean suffering loss
Shall endure all things to win the crown of life
Verse 3
As your holy church goes forth, in the Holy Spirit’s power, with the glories of the Gospel to explain
Now we pray Your kingdom come, and we pray Your will be done
For the honor and the glory of Your name
by, Aaron Boswell, Matt Boswell, Matt Papa
2010 Dayspring Music, LLC (a div. of Word Music Group, Inc.) Love Your Enemies Publishing