January 13, 2016

mid_week.jpgGospel Readiness:

Have you ever had someone object to the gospel because of other obstacles in their mind about what they think the Bible says about a topic? Slavery is one topic that unbelievers often use to refute and question the Scriptures. Tonight, we are going to explore some of the key accusations about slavery from unbelievers.

  • Does the Bible approve of slavery?
  • Does the Bible view slaves as property?
  • Why doesn’t the Bible condemn slavery?
  • Join us tonight as we look into these tough topics.

City Group Leader Meeting:

The city group leaders will meet with Shaun at the church building tonight at 7pm to get ready for the start of our City Groups next week.  Please pray for fruit and for the gospel to transform us and advance in our cities.

If you can gather with us, please come! If you are not able to gather, please spend some time tonight reading the Scriptures and praying for your Christian brothers and sisters at GBC and around the world.