What are Angels, Satan, and Demons?

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In chapter 6 of “Christian Beliefs” we read about the spirit beings of God’s creation: angels, demons, and Satan.  Angels and demons are the same kind of being differentiated by whom they serve.  Angels serve God; demons serve Satan.  Whatever sensational images or ideas may swarm in your mind when you think about spirit beings it is most helpful to restrict our understanding to what the Scriptures clearly teach.  We will be best served by avoiding speculation.  Spirit beings do fascinate.  Yet that fascination should not supplant our adoration and fascination with God.  God alone is the one we should worship (Revelation 19:10).

Angels and Demons: Spirit Beings

Because angels and demons are spiritual beings they do not have physical bodies.  This does not mean they cannot take human form or be seen by humans.  Both occurred on several occasions in the Bible.  Ordinarily, spiritual beings cannot be seen.  Our response to this reality should not be looking over our shoulder in fear.  Nor should we gaze in the corner and wonder if a spiritual being is present.  Instead, we should go about our faith-filled obedience to God mindful that we are part of a heavenly host of angels doing the same – obeying the King.

Satan: a powerful created being

Although Satan is a powerful spirit being commanding an army of demons he is nevertheless a created being.  Satan is not the yin to God’s yang.  Satan is not God’s kryptonite.  Satan is not an evil nemesis of God’s equal.  Satan reports to God (Job 1 & 2).  Satan is a created being that God conquered through the great saving acts accomplished by Jesus.  While Satan’s ultimate defeat is still to come the certainty of that defeat is indubitable.

Christian Warfare:

Because the devil is a roaring lion prowling for prey we must resist him.  Christians must live with a warfare mentality.  Christians must “give no opportunity to the devil” (Ephesians 4:27).  Have you been resisting?  Have you been giving the Adversary opportunity?  Are you weary in your warfare?  Press on.  The day of victory is certain!

Your Turn:

What did you learn?  What caused you to think?  What questions do you have?  Feel free to join in the discussion.

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