Sunday, October 18, 2015

gbc_sunday_morning.jpgSunday Sermon Text:

On Sunday Pastor Dan Benitez will preach from Hebrews 1:1-3. Please read the first chapter of Hebrews to prepare yourself.  In this text we learn God has spoken both through the prophets and through a Son. His Son, Jesus, is the pinnacle of revelation. Why is Jesus Christ exalted above all other revelation? What makes him so unique? What should be our response to the revelation of God in the Son of God?

Preparation for Worship:

Please familiarize yourself with the order of worship. If there are any unfamiliar hymns or songs begin learning them. Consider finding the lyrics to a hymn you may know well. Spend time meditating on the truths captured in the hymn to prepare your soul for our time of gathered worship.

Fellowship Snack:

The following families are on the signup to provide fellowship snacks on this 3rd Sunday of the month.

  • Garland
  • Lane
  • Mancini
  • Petrilli

We hope you can join us as we worship our great God together Sunday morning 9:30am at, 2600 Cypress Ridge Blvd., Wesley Chapel, FL.